“We work alongside you as you embrace the change required to bring your institution to the next level. ”

Susan M. Kryczka, Ed.D.

Founding Partner and Principal Consultant

Susan Kryczka has over 35 years of distance education experience in nonprofit higher education and most recently was the Assistant Vice President and Chief Academic Strategist for the Extended Education unit at Excelsior College. Previously, she was Executive Director of the Center for Professional Development at Excelsior College and prior to that directed the distance education initiatives at Boston University, Northeastern University, Illinois Institute of Technology and the City Colleges of Chicago. Susan holds a B.A. degree in history from Roosevelt University, an M.A. degree in history from Loyola University Chicago, an M.A. degree in journalism from Northeastern University, and an Ed.D. in higher education administration from Northeastern University.

As a Principal Consultant for Elevate Higher Ed, Susan works with faculty and academic administrators to identify the support needs for transitioning to online, including strategic planning, faculty development, organization, accreditation, stakeholder support, and instructional design resources. Susan has taught online and has also been an online/hybrid student so she works with the faculty and administrators from a practitioner’s perspective.

“Elevate Higher Ed’s proven experts build an institution’s internal capacity, by guiding schools strategically on the path toward transformation. ”


Jodi Ashbrook, Ed.D.

Founding Partner and Principal Consultant

In her role as a Founding Partner and Consultant with Elevate Higher Ed, Ashbrook works directly with clients specializing in the areas of market analysis, enrollment management, enterprise operations and student retention.

Prior to her role at Elevate, Ashbrook held various leadership positions both as faculty and administrator for the University of Phoenix and Lincoln Technical Institute. Her academic research portfolio has explored and focused primarily on the influences impacting students’ level of self-confidence, engagement, and persistence in completing their college degree. Ashbrook’s research, consultative and supportive approach with her clients has helped to play a significant role in impacting institutional processes to improve the overall student experience. Dr. Ashbrook believes we are all leaders in our own personal journey. As a leader in business and in life, she lives by the philosophy, “be the leader you would follow.”